About Us


We are committed to providing customers with one-stop professional services, including video conferencing and multimedia presentation system design, engineering, installation, equipment supply and sales services. Our rich experience and professional skills, deeply customer's recognition and praise. Since its establishment date, we have established a large customer base to include educational institutions, businesses, government departments and private home theater. Due to outstanding performance, and thus become a multi-national corporations the main distributor and award-winning. We recognize our customers needs and are committed to dedicated and responsible manner to provide customers with quality products and comprehensive pre-and after-sales service.







A group of outstanding employees create a complete enterprise, an excellent company led a group of diligent, hard work, pragmatic employees, will reach always adhere to the "people-oriented science and technology," efforts to improve human resources management, optimize the growth of talent in an effort to attract and a large number of skilled experts, accumulation and their capable personnel for local, Macau, Mainland and overseas customers to provide the most satisfactory products and professional services.

The face of new market opportunities and challenges, we will continue to adhere to the "customer first" has always been the purpose, in addition to providing customers with the most advanced products and after-sales service; the same time, unrealistic to expect that regulate the internal management, improve their internal mechanisms, using scientific the management of the company climbed to a new level; to the best employees, collecting the world's most advanced hi-tech products, and the most favorable product solutions, coupled with the most perfect service to reach a mutually satisfactory win-win situation situation.

Must be the company's total staff is willing to work with you hand in hand, confidently, to meet the new challenges. We will be happy to provide you with the most satisfactory products and services, and strive to become a set of rental, engineering, R & D, manufacturing and wholesale and become integrated in the same industry-leading companies.